Greece Honeymoon Photos at Remezzo Villas| Santorini, Greece

This Santorini Honeymoon session was seriously so dreamy and fun! Kirsten and Rj are also the sweetest most adorable couple. It was such a blast to capture their love for each other.

Reasons to book a Destination Honeymoon Photographer:

  1. You will have someone with you to capture professional images while you get to relax and have fun together.
  2. It’s just a lot more convenient to have someone with you during your honeymoon to capture all these beautiful images that you will remember forever.
  3. You’ll get to have more of an experience with a professional there.
  4. If your photographer is anything like me, you’ll get a vacation planner, itinerary maker, adventure guide, and photographer all in one.
  5. You will be able to be more present and actually take in what is going on and the beauty of the location you are visiting, which you can’t do as much when you are the one taking all the photos.

Kirsten and Rj wanted a honeymoon session where they could just wake up in the morning, drink their coffee and relax in each others company. We opted into having their session right outside their room at their villa. Just look at that view. They had the most beautiful view from their room and a HOT TUB.

Are you ready to book a professional photographer for your vacation/honeymoon?

Honestly, you won’t regret it. Most of the time your wedding photographer will have discounts in packages so you can just bring them with you. If you’re having a destination wedding and having your honeymoon in the same location, even better!!


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