Greece Adventure Elopement | Santorini, Greece | Rae & Jeremy

There is seriously something so magical about Greece but eloping in Santorini is just unreal. Between the ocean, magical skies, nature, historic landscapes and the sandy beaches you really can’t go wrong with eloping anywhere in Greece. Rae and Jeremy had a simple beach front adventure elopement between just the two of them. They also decided to rent a couple of HORSES which made this day even more magical! Like come on just look at them. The LOVE that Jeremy has for Rae is seriously just so dang beautiful and unreal.

Can we also just take a moment for RAE. Let’s be honest, she is honestly just a queen.

We went back to the venue for an intimate lunch for the two of them to enjoy some time alone.

After lunch, we took some afternoon couples portraits at the Villa and let me just say… These were SO dreamy!!

Let’s also take a moment for these groom portraits!

Landscape shots that I took during Jeremy and Rae’s intimate elopement:


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any location in Greece! You will be surrounded by SO much natural beauty here that it will definitely be a tough decision but I’m here to help! Keep in mind how busy some locations get based on the time of year/ time of day. Sunrise is always my go to to beat the crowds!


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