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So you’re thinking of having your engagement photos done in Winter but you live in Wisconsin? When planning, it can be really hard to know where to start! Finding a photographer that you absolutely love is hard enough, let alone planning, finding a location, and setting up a time and date. Being in Wisconsin, the weather can also be so unpredictable.



Honestly, Wisconsin Winter sessions are so worth it!

There is something so beautiful and magical about a winter session (especially when it snows)

You’ll get to wear warm and cozy outfits

There’s barely ever anyone out at the beach or parks and way less people outside in general so less distractions and more photo ops.


So if you are from Wisconsin, you know how cold it can get in the winter!

1- Try to plan your session during a month it doesn’t normally freeze.

2- Pack layers. You can always layer down if needed.

3- Find a location where you are either able to go inside for some photos or a location where your vehicle is close by so you can take breaks from the cold often!

4- Hand Warmers and heated jackets are life savers. Heated everything is a must in Wisconsin.

5- Move around a lot!!

6- Bring Blankets. These will not only keep you warm but also make for some cute photos.

7- Fleece lined leggings. Baleaf brand on amazon are my favorite for being warm but also stylish.

8- Beanies/ hats. They will keep you warm and make for some super cute winter photos.

9- Bring a thermos with hot cocoa. Honestly this will help keep you warm but can also be super cute for photos!

10- Make sure to wear proper shoes and thick socks.

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Winter engagement sessions are seriously so much fun and so low key!! It is so worth it to just brave the cold to get some beautiful photos of your engagement!!

If you’re still looking for a photographer for your engagement photos near Milwaukee, Wisconsin or honestly anywhere in Wisconsin (I’ll travel anywhere) and looking for someone with a more fun, candid, documentary, and movement based style, I’m your girl!!

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